Editors' Retreat: #FakeNews

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has challenged the tenets of journalism and forced media organisations to re-examine their values – to themselves and to the publics they serve. In this retreat for editors and journalists, INMA aims to shine a light on how journalism is changing in an increasingly complicated ecosystem and what those changes mean for news brands.

Key themes to be covered

The state of journalism

Consumer perceptions of news, media, and journalism

How journalism is changing in the Era of Trump

The re-packaging of news in consumer marketing

Profiles in courage: examples of speaking truth to power

How journalism can stand out amid information overload

How data can point us to journalism’s emerging value: brand-building vs. subscription-generating

Journalism priorities amid shrinking budgets



June 03

9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Editors' Retreat: #FakeNews

Opening keynote
Panel discussion
Issue + Panel
Issue + Panel
Unconference session

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